Background Check By Social Security Number

Everyone wants to be able to trust other people. However, in today’s world it is important to be able to verify a person's integrity. Have you ever wondered what is on your background check? If you have worked several jobs, you have probably granted permission to allow a potential employer to check perform a background check. With Identity PI's newest feature, it is now possible to request a background check with only a Social Security number. Now is your chance to see what is on your record.

Why You Should Check Your Background Record?

If you have ever had a criminal charge filed against you, it will be on your background check. Theft, abuse, sexual crimes, drug charges and many other incidents stay on a criminal record for a long time. If you are applying for a job that requires a background check, you should review your record to ensure it is accurate. You have probably heard that erroneous information is often found on credit reports. This is also true with background checks. Mistakes are possible, so you may not know that potential employers are turning you down because of incorrect information. By checking your own record before applying for jobs, you are doing yourself a favor and preventing hassles.

Why Choose Identity PI?

You may have noticed that Identity PI is verified by the Better Business Bureau. As you can see from our website, your information is secure. If you do not already know this, a site that features "https" instead of "http" offers a secure connection. This is the same protocol used by online banking sites. Rest assured that we value the trust you put in us when you submit your Social Security number.

Since we want to be sure the report you receive is accurate, we gather information from the most reliable databases. We know where to find the most up-to-date information, and we are committed to bringing you thorough results. Our access to extensive records also allows us to locate inaccurate reports that may be darkening your record.

Whether you are applying for a job, trying to adopt a child, or want to move into a selective condominium complex, you should check your own record. After you receive the results, you can dispute inaccuracies. You should also clean any lingering charges that can be remedied. With the help of a good attorney, you may have some types of charges expunged. Cleaning up your record is the first positive step to a fresh start. The first step towards cleaning your record is knowing what is on it. You can also use the Social Security number search feature to find information about others. While a regular background scan may generate several results based on a common name, you are sure to get the record of the individual you are looking for by entering his or her Social Security number.

  • 1. Hire People You Can Trust
  • 2. Improve Workplace Safety
  • 3. Trust Those Around You
  • 4. Instant Nationwide Results
  • 5. Confidentiality


We are a private owned and managed staffing agency since 1973 in 2006 we started using this service. I feel we could recommend this service to anyone it has been outstanding.

Jean. North Carolina

We have been using this service for over a few years now it fast accurate and their tech support team is always available to help me complete a report.


Our company is very pleased with the thoroughness and quality of the service. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct their business. They provide efficient, friendly customer service.

Maria. Michigan

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