Background Check For Employment

In today's world, a candidate's personal background is as important as their qualifications. It's no secret that employers want to offer open positions to the most qualified candidates; however, it may be possible that the person who has the best credentials has something to hide. While it is important to avoid gathering personal information that does not directly relate to the job offered, it is important to know about any potential disqualifying factors. For instance, hiring someone with a criminal background can be a major liability to the employer if that person's reasons for wanting the job are dishonorable. The following are some examples of good reasons for requesting a background check on a prospective employee:

A daycare company should request background information on a prospective employee to determine if that individual has any past convictions involving crimes against children.

An individual hiring a personal accountant should check the candidate's background to ensure there are no past convictions for fraud, theft, or misappropriation of funds.

Law enforcement agencies should always request a background check for potential employees to ensure his or her record is free of criminal charges that may indicate a potential for reckless behavior.

What Is In An Employment Background Check?

A typical employment background check will not include outdated convictions. In addition, they do not include credit history reports or scores. Traffic misdemeanors may be included in some cases. Current criminal convictions are the main incidents listed on an employment background check. However, arrest records and incidents not resulting in arrest are not included. The following are some examples of what might appear on an employment background check:




Grand Theft



Why Choose Us?

When it comes to obtaining background checks for potential employees, there are two choices. The first choice is to obtain the check independently. To do this, several forms will need to be completed and research will have to be performed to determine how to get a background report in an individual state. Since each state's rules vary, this process may be difficult and lengthy in some cases. The second choice is to use an outside agency such as IdentityPi.

IdentityPi shortens the time it takes to receive the reports. By choosing IdentityPi, the need to do research, fill out forms and wait indefinitely is eliminated. The cost is affordable, so there is no need to worry about paying rates that are considerably higher than those required to obtain a report independently. Another advantage of using this company is that the information received is current. IdentityPi has access to the most up-to-date information databases.

Why Parents Need Background Checks

Whom to select as their child’s babysitter can be an agonizing decision for parents. The right babysitter results in a happy, well-cared-for child. Hiring the wrong babysitter may mean the child is neglected, abused, kidnapped or even killed. Parents also use personal background checks to make sure the people their children associate with are reputable. If you as a parent request a background check, make sure the check includes a search of sex offenses as well as other criminal activities and that the check is done nationwide, or even globally.

Safety matters. Safeguarding assets and loved ones is vital. Companies offer methods to perform background or history checks nationwide and globally. When you obtain comprehensive reports, you get protection and peace of mind. Such reports provide sufficient information so that you can make solid choices about who to allow into your business, building or home.

  • 1. Hire People You Can Trust
  • 2. Improve Workplace Safety
  • 3. Trust Those Around You
  • 4. Instant Nationwide Results
  • 5. Confidentiality


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