Online Background Check

Online background checks protect your family and secure your business. The information you obtain helps to alleviate the risk you incur from new employees, tenants or potential love interests. The electronic screening process is straightforward, economical and fast. Still, whether you are conducting the background check or the subject of one, you may have some questions.

Information Included in Online Background Checks

There are many different types of background checks, depending upon the type of information needed. The most comprehensive background checks contain:

Criminal history

Sex offender status

Previous addresses

Past lawsuits and judgments

Information about relatives and neighbors

Social Security number verification

If an individual was not convicted of a crime, his arrest record will likely not appear in the background check. Information Needed to Conduct Online Background Checks

An individual’s birth date, address and Social Security number are not imperative, but the information may assist in generating a more comprehensive and accurate report. The minimum information that is required includes:

First and last names

State of residency.

Years Covered by Background Check

Criminal convictions stay on an individual's background check indefinitely. Other items included in online background checks vary, but can find addresses dating back 30 years.

Background Check Consent

Most states require that job candidates be given formal notice of a background check. Employees must provide written consent prior to the background check. Many employers choose to put this information directly on their job applications or include it in an application packet. You may legally perform an online background check without the knowledge of a current employee who is suspected of malfeasance, although you should have a signed waiver on file at the time of his initial hire.

Potential tenants and non-traditional employees, such as household staff or nannies, should also provide written consent for background checks.

  • 1. Hire People You Can Trust
  • 2. Improve Workplace Safety
  • 3. Trust Those Around You
  • 4. Instant Nationwide Results
  • 5. Confidentiality


We are a private owned and managed staffing agency since 1973 in 2006 we started using this service. I feel we could recommend this service to anyone it has been outstanding.

Jean. North Carolina

We have been using this service for over a few years now it fast accurate and their tech support team is always available to help me complete a report.


Our company is very pleased with the thoroughness and quality of the service. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct their business. They provide efficient, friendly customer service.

Maria. Michigan

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