People Search

A basic People Search helps you locate friends and relatives from the past by providing up-to-date contact information, including address and contact number. To reconnect with someone you know, begin your People Search now!


Prohibited Uses of this Service

  • Tenant Screening.
  • Employment Screening.
  • Looking up Public or Famous Persons.
  • Viewing Full Email Addresses.
  • Finding the GPS Location of Someone.
  • Establishing Eligibility for Insurance or Credit.
  • Stalking or Harassing Others.
  • Obtaining Sensitive Info, such as Credit Score or SSN.
  • Trying to Steal Someone’s Identity.
  • Spying on your Spouse or Partner.
  • Finding Someone’s Call Logs.
  • Editing Someone else’s Information.

iDentityPi is designed to help you safely find people and learn about others. IDentityPi is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Learn more about FCRA restrictions. By using our website you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The People Search option allows our customer's to locate individuals, their relatives, and neighbors. In a matter of seconds you can obtain the name, age, date of birth, current addresses, current phone numbers, previous addresses, AKA's and date of death of the person you are inquiring about.

When should I use a People search?

You should use a people search as your primary search for skip tracing. Over 100 data sources are searched at a fraction of the cost of conventional skip tracing products. A Trade Detail report can be requested from this search to give an even greater detail of verified and non-verified addresses, associates, neighbors, neighborhood and relatives.

What sources are searched?

  • Equifax's Consumer Credit Database
  • Trans Union's Consumer Credit Database
  • Telephone Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) database
  • State and City Public Records
  • Compilation of over 100 data sources What sources are searched?
People Search
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